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  • Restrictions on preferential treatment

    • 13.01

      With regard to all securities offered for subscription or sale to the public whether by a new applicant or a listed issuer, no preferential terms or treatment may be afforded to any person subscribing or applying for the securities, whether as to price, the basis of allocation of securities or otherwise.

    • 13.02

      (1) Directors of the issuer and their close associates, and a person who is an existing shareholder of the issuer, may only subscribe for or purchase any securities for which listing is sought which are being marketed by or on behalf of a new applicant, whether in their own names or through nominees, if the following conditions are met:—
      (a) that no securities are offered to them on a preferential basis and no preferential treatment is given to them in the allocation of the securities; and
      (b) that the minimum prescribed percentages of public shareholders required by rules 11.23(7) and 11.23(9) are achieved.
      (2) Normally no more than 10% of any securities being marketed for which listing is sought may be offered to employees or past employees of the new applicant or its subsidiaries or associated companies and their respective dependents or any trust, provident fund or pension scheme for the benefit of such persons on a preferential basis. Other than the allocation of securities, no preferential terms or treatment as to price or otherwise may be afforded to such employees. Adequate disclosure in the listing document must be made of any arrangement to place shares to such employees (without any need to identify individuals), and the number and/or proportion of shares to be so placed. Any preferential treatment must be approved by the Exchange prior to the marketing and the new applicant concerned may be called upon to supply particulars of such employees, past-employees and their respective dependants and the objects, beneficiaries or members of any trust, provident fund or pension scheme as well as the results of subscription by employees, past-employees, their respective dependants and any trust, provident fund or pension scheme for the benefit of such persons. The new applicant must maintain records of such particulars for a period of not less than 12 months from the date of approval and make the same available for inspection by the Exchange during such period.