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  • Preliminary

    • 17.01

      An issuer shall comply (and undertakes by its application for listing (Appendix 5A), once any of its securities have been admitted to listing, to comply) with the GEM Listing Rules in force from time to time.

    • 17.02

      The continuing obligations in this Chapter are primarily to ensure the maintenance of a fair and orderly securities market and that all market users have simultaneous access to the same information. Issuers must keep the holders of their securities (and the public) fully informed of material factors which might affect their interests and treat the holders of their securities in a proper manner.

    • 17.03

      An issuer's directors are collectively and individually responsible for ensuring the issuer's full compliance with the GEM Listing Rules.

    • 17.04

      The directors should seek advice and guidance from the issuer's Sponsor (as long as the issuer is obliged to retain, or otherwise retains, the services of a Sponsor) regarding the issuer's obligation to comply with, and the manner and extent of compliance with, the GEM Listing Rules. They should take such advice and guidance into account.

    • 17.05

      Any announcement an issuer is required to make under the GEM Listing Rules must be made according to the publication requirements in Chapter 16, unless otherwise stated.