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A listed issuer must publish (in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 16) a preliminary announcement of the results for the first 6 months of each financial year, containing at least the information set out below, on the GEM website as soon as possible, but in any event not later than the time that is 30 minutes before the earlier of the commencement of the morning trading session or any pre-opening session on the next business day after approval by or on behalf of the board of the results. The issuer must publish such results not later than 45 days after the end of such period:

(1) except where the listed issuer is a banking company, the income statements as referred to in rule 18.55(1)(b) which must contain at least the information specified in rule 18.50B(1) and balance sheet as referred to in rule 18.55(1)(a) which must contain at least the information specified in rule 18.50B(2), to the extent relevant to the income statements and balance sheet. The listed issuer must include the notes relating to turnover, taxation, earnings per share, dividends and any other notes that the directors consider necessary for a reasonable appreciation of the results for the financial period. The income statements and balance sheet shall be as they appear in the listed issuer's full half-year report;

Note: Banking companies shall comply with rule 18.80 as regards the disclosure requirements for the balance sheet and the income statement.
(2) particulars of any purchase, sale or redemption by the listed issuer, or any of its subsidiaries of its listed securities during the relevant period as required by rule 18.55(3), or an appropriate negative statement;
(3) a business review covering the following:
(a) a fair review of the development of the business of the listed issuer and its subsidiaries during the financial period and of their financial position at the end of the period;
(b) details of important events affecting the listed issuer and its subsidiaries which have occurred since the end of the financial period; and
(c) an indication of likely future developments in the business of the listed issuer and its subsidiaries, including the listed issuer's prospects for the current financial year; or
where there are no material changes in respect of such matters since the publication of the latest annual report, an appropriate negative statement in that regard;
(4) a statement as to whether the listed issuer meets the code provisions set out in the Corporate Governance Code contained in Appendix 15. The listed issuer must also disclose any deviations from the code provisions and considered reasons for such deviations. To the extent that it is reasonable and appropriate, such information may be given by reference to the Corporate Governance Report in the immediately preceding annual report, and summarising any changes since that annual report. Any such references must be clear and unambiguous;
(5) the information required by rules 18.61 and, if applicable, rules 18.63 and 18.64;
(6) a statement as to whether or not the half-year results have been reviewed by external auditors or the audit committee of the listed issuer;
(7) full details of any disagreement by the auditors or the audit committee with the accounting treatment adopted by the listed issuer; and
(8) where there are any significant changes in accounting policies, a statement to that fact must be made.

Note: A listed issuer should apply the same accounting policies in its half-year financial statements as are applied in its annual financial statements, except where the change in accounting policy is required by an accounting standard which came into effect during the half-year period.