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Summary financial reports of issuers must comply with the disclosure requirements set out in the Companies (Summary Financial Reports) Regulation. An issuer must also disclose the following information in its summary financial report:

(1) particulars of any purchase, sale or redemption by the listed issuer, or any of its subsidiaries, of its listed securities during the financial year or an appropriate negative statement; and
(2) a separate Corporate Governance Report prepared by the board on its corporate governance practices. The report must, as a minimum, contain the information required under paragraphs G to Q of Appendix 15 regarding the accounting period covered by the annual report. To the extent that it is reasonable and appropriate, this Corporate Governance Report may take the form of a summary of the Corporate Governance Report in the annual report and may also incorporate information by reference to its annual report. Any such references must be clear and unambiguous and the summary must not contain only a cross-reference without any discussion of the matter. The summary must contain, as a minimum, a narrative statement indicating overall compliance with and highlighting any deviation from the Corporate Governance Code in Appendix 15.