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Subject to rule 2A.05A and rule 2A.05B, every application for listing (including a transfer of listing from GEM to the Main Board) by a new applicant should be submitted to the Listing Division which may reject it or recommend it. However, the Listing Committee has reserved to itself the power to approve all applications for listing (including transfer of listing from GEM to the Main Board) from a new applicant and this means that even if such an application is recommended by the Executive Director — Listing or the Chief Executive of the Exchange it must still be approved by the Listing Committee. The Listing Committee may at the request of the Listing Division give an "in principle" approval, that a particular issuer or its business, or a particular type of security is suitable for listing, at an early stage in the application process (but will again consider the full application after the Listing Division has processed it). Otherwise the Listing Committee will not consider an application from a new applicant until the Listing Division has processed the application. If the Listing Committee approves a listing the Listing Division will issue a formal approval letter, in due course.