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In addition to its powers to suspend or cancel a listing, if the Listing Committee finds there has been a breach by any of the parties named in rule 2A.10 of the Listing Rules it may:—

(1) issue a private reprimand;
(2) issue a public statement which involves criticism;
(3) issue a public censure;
(4) report the offender's conduct to the Commission or another regulatory authority (for example the Financial Secretary, the Commissioner of Banking or any professional body) or to an overseas regulatory authority;
(5) ban a professional adviser or a named individual employed by a professional adviser from representing a specified party in relation to a stipulated matter or matters coming before the Listing Division or the Listing Committee for a stated period;
(6) require a breach to be rectified or other remedial action to be taken within a stipulated period including, if appropriate, the appointment of an independent adviser to minority shareholders;
(7) in the case of wilful or persistent failure by a director of a listed issuer to discharge his responsibilities under the Listing Rules, state publicly that in the Exchange's opinion the retention of office by the director is prejudicial to the interests of investors;
(8) in the event a director remains in office following a public statement pursuant to paragraph (7) above, suspend or cancel the listing of the issuer's securities or any class of its securities;
(9) in the case of wilful or persistent failure by a listed issuer to discharge its responsibilities under the Listing Rules, order that the facilities of the market be denied for a specified period to that issuer and prohibit dealers and financial advisers from acting or continuing to act for that issuer;
(10) take, or refrain from taking, such other action as it thinks fit, including making public any action taken pursuant to paragraphs (4), (5),(6),(8) or (9) above.