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(1) In every open offer the issuer may make arrangements to dispose of securities not validly applied for by shareholders in excess of their assured allotments, in which case such securities must be available for subscription by all shareholders and allocated on a fair basis. The offer of such securities and the basis of allocation of the securities available for excess applications must be fully disclosed in the open offer announcement, listing document and any circular.
(2) If no arrangements or arrangements other than those described in rule 7.26A(1) are made for the disposal of securities not validly applied for and the open offer is wholly or partly underwritten or sub-underwritten by a director, chief executive or substantial shareholder of the issuer (or an associate of any of them), then the absence of such arrangements or the making of such other arrangements must be specifically approved by shareholders. Those persons who have a material interest in such other arrangements must abstain from voting on the matter at the meeting and the circular to shareholders must contain full details of the terms and conditions of that underwriting and/or sub-underwriting. The issuer must disclose the information required under rule 2.17 in the circular to shareholders.