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The following documents must be supplied to the Exchange as soon as practicable after the launch of the structured product but before the listing of the structured product:-

(1) completed application form available from the Exchange;
(2) a remittance in respect of the listing fee, transaction levy and trading fees as determined pursuant to Appendix 8;
(3) 1 copy of each of the English language version and the Chinese language version of the supplemental or stand alone listing document to be supplied to the Exchange. A soft copy of these documents should also be provided to the Exchange;
(4) where any document referred to in (3) above is signed by an agent or attorney, a certified copy of the authorisation for such signature;
(5) in the case of a stand alone listing document in respect of a guaranteed or collateralised issue, legal opinions required pursuant to rules 15A.19 and 15A.50 respectively. In the case of a supplemental listing document supporting a base document in respect of a collateralised issue, the legal opinion required by 15A.50;
(6) a certified copy of every letter, report, financial statement, statement of adjustments, valuation, contract, agreement, resolution or other document any part of which is extracted or referred to in the listing document;
(7) a certified copy of the written consent by an expert to the issue of the listing document with the inclusion therein, in the context in which it is included, of a statement purporting to be a copy of or extract from or summary of or reference to a report or valuation or other statement by such expert in the form and context in which they are included. Where a written consent by an expert relates to information included in a base listing document the written consent need only be provided to the Exchange when the base listing document is filed with the Exchange or, if applicable, updated.