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(1) Except as provided below an issuer shall, not less than 7 business days prior to the expiry or maturity day in relation to any of its structured products, publish on the web site of the Exchange a notice containing, inter alia, the following:-
(a) the date of expiry or maturity, the last expected date of dealings and the date of withdrawal from listing of the structured products ;
(b) if applicable, the exercise price;
(c) if applicable, the method of calculation of the cash payment;
(d) the expected date of payment or delivery (as the case may be);
(e) the most recent closing price of the underlying security or asset; and
(f) such other information as the Exchange shall require.
(2) An issuer shall not be required to publish a notice in respect of a structured product expiring or maturing on its normal expiry or maturity date if the terms and conditions in respect of that structured product provide for net cash settlement on an automatic basis (i.e. without the holder serving an exercise notice).
(3) The notice in respect of the expiry or maturity of a structured product arising as a consequence of a mandatory call event (a "knockout") shall be published on the day the mandatory call event occurs.