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An analysis of remuneration in respect of audit and non-audit services provided by the auditors (including any entity that is under common control, ownership or management with the audit firm or any entity that a reasonable and informed third party having knowledge of all relevant information would reasonably conclude as part of the audit firm nationally or internationally) to the issuer. The analysis must include, in respect of each significant non-audit service assignment, details of the nature of the services and the fees paid.

Note: The code provisions expect issuers to make certain specified disclosures in the Corporate Governance Report. Where issuers choose not to make the expected disclosure, they must give considered reasons for not doing so under paragraph G(c). For ease of reference, the specific disclosure expectations of the code provisions are:

1 directors' acknowledgement of their responsibility for preparing the accounts and a statement by the auditors about their reporting responsibilities (C.1.3 of the Code);
2 report on material uncertainties, if any, relating to events or conditions that may cast significant doubt upon the issuer's ability to continue as a going concern (C.1.3 of the Code);
3 a statement that the board has conducted a review of the effectiveness of the internal control system of the issuer and its subsidiaries (C.2.1 of the Code); and
4 a statement from the audit committee explaining its recommendation and the reason(s) why the board has taken a different view from the audit committee on the selection, appointment, resignation or dismissal of external auditors (C.3.5 of the Code).