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Appendix 3 and Appendix 13 of these rules do not apply to an overseas issuer that is a Non-Greater China Issuer or a Grandfathered Greater China Issuer seeking to secondary list under this Chapter.

Note 1: A Non-Grandfathered Greater China Issuer seeking a secondary listing under this Chapter must comply with Appendix 3 of these rules and must also comply with Appendix 13 if it is incorporated in a jurisdiction to which Appendix 13 applies.

Note 2: If an overseas issuer that is a Non-Grandfathered Greater China Issuer seeks a secondary listing under this Chapter and is not incorporated in a jurisdiction covered by Appendix 13 of these rules, the Exchange will require that these companies must vary their constitutional documents to meet the standards set out in rule 19C.07 (unless these standards are already provided for in their constitutional documents and/or the laws to which they are subject).