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In the case of an offer for subscription, offer for sale or open offer, an announcement of the results of the offer, the basis of allotment of the securities (including the extent to which securities have been allotted to the underwriters (if any) and their close associates) and, where relevant, the basis of any acceptance of excess applications must be published on the Exchange’s website as soon as possible, but in any event not later than 30 minutes before the earlier of the commencement of the morning trading session or any pre-opening session on the business day following the date on which the allotment letters or other relevant documents of title are posted.


1 The announcement should include information regarding the spread of applications and basis of allocation.
2 In case of a new class of securities to be listed, the announcement should include the minimum prescribed percentage applicable to that class of securities pursuant to rule 11.23 if such information has not been previously disclosed.