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The listed issuer must send to:—

(1) every member of the listed issuer; and
(2) every other holder of its listed securities,

a copy of either (i) the directors' report and its annual accounts and, where the listed issuer prepares group accounts, the group accounts, together with a copy of the auditors' report thereon or (ii) its summary financial report, not less than 21 days before the date of the listed issuer's annual general meeting and not more than 3 months after the date upon which the financial period ended. The Issuer may send a copy of its summary financial report to a member and a holder of its listed securities in place of a copy of its annual report and accounts, provided that it complies with rule 18.81 and the relevant provisions set out in section 141 of the Companies Ordinance and in the Companies (Summary Financial Reports of Listed Companies) Regulation or, in the case of overseas issuers, with provisions no less onerous than the above provisions for listed issuers incorporated in Hong Kong.

Nothing in this rule shall require the listed issuer to send any of the documents referred to therein to:—

(a) a person of whose address the listed issuer is unaware; or
(b) more than one of the joint holders of any of its listed securities.

1 "Group accounts", for the purposes of a Hong Kong listed issuer, has the meaning ascribed to it under section 124(1) of the Companies Ordinance.
2 The directors' report, auditors' report, annual accounts (including group accounts) and, where applicable, summary financial report must be in the English language and must be accompanied by a Chinese translation or be in the Chinese language accompanied by an English translation. In respect of overseas members, it shall be sufficient for the listed issuer to mail an English language version of either (i) its directors' report, auditors' report and annual accounts or (ii) its summary financial report if such documents contain a prominent statement in both English and Chinese to the effect that a Chinese translation is available from the listed issuer, on request.
3 Section 122 of the Companies Ordinance requires the annual accounts of a Hong Kong listed issuer which are laid before the listed issuer at its annual general meeting to be made up to a date falling not more than 6 months before the date of the meeting. An overseas issuer (including for such purposes, a PRC issuer) must make up its annual accounts to a date not more than 6 months before the date of its annual general meeting.
4 The Exchange may at its discretion suspend dealings in or cancel the listing of the securities of the listed issuer if it falls into arrears in the issue of its directors' report and accounts. If the listed issuer has significant interests outside Hong Kong it may apply for an extension of the 6 month period. However, the attention of a Hong Kong listed issuer is drawn to section 122 (1B) of the Companies Ordinance which requires any extension of the time limit to be approved by the High Court.
5 [Repealed 1 January 2011]