Subject to the provisions of the Code on Share Buy-backs, an issuer may purchase its shares on the Exchange or on another stock exchange recognised for this purpose by the Commission and the Exchange. All such purchases must be made in accordance with rule 10.06. Rules 10.06(1), 10.06(2)(f) and 10.06(3) apply only to issuers whose primary listing is on the Exchange while the rest of 10.06(2) and rules 10.06(4), (5) and (6) apply to all issuers. The Code on Share Buy-backs must be complied with by an issuer and its directors and any breach thereof by an issuer will be a deemed breach of the Exchange Listing Rules and the Exchange may in its absolute discretion take such action to penalise any breach of this paragraph or the listing agreement as it shall think appropriate. It is for the issuer to satisfy itself that a proposed purchase of shares does not contravene the Code on Share Buy-backs.