In the case of an offer for subscription, offer for sale or open offer, an announcement of the results of the offer, the basis of allotment of the securities and, where relevant, the basis of any acceptance of excess applications must be published in accordance with rule 2.07C as soon as possible, but in any event, not later than the time that is 30 minutes before the earlier of the commencement of the morning trading session or any pre-opening session on the business day next after the allotment letters or other relevant documents of title are posted.

Notes: The announcement should include:
(1) information regarding the spread of applications including the number of applications for each share band and the allocation basis for each such band; and
(2) in the case of a new applicant effecting a placing involving bookbuilding activities (as defined under the Code of Conduct) in connection with a New Listing, a confirmation from its directors that, to the best of their knowledge, no rebate has been, directly or indirectly, provided by the issuer, its controlling shareholder(s), directors or syndicate members to any placees or the public (as the case may be) and the consideration payable by them for each share (or, where applicable, each unit of other equity securities or interests (which include equity securities, interests in a REIT, stapled securities and securities of an investment company (as defined in rule 21.01)) of the issuer subscribed for or purchased by them is the same as the final offer price determined by the issuer, in addition to any brokerage, FRC transaction levy, SFC transaction levy and trading fee payable.