The ordinary resolution proposed to shareholders to give the directors of the issuer a specific approval or general mandate to purchase shares must include the following:—

(1) the total number and description of the shares which the issuer is authorised to purchase, provided that the number of shares which the issuer is authorised to purchase on GEM or on another stock exchange recognised for this purpose by the Commission and the Exchange under the Code on Share Buy-backs, may not exceed 10 per cent of the number of issued shares of the issuer and the total number of warrants to subscribe for or purchase shares (or other relevant class of securities) authorised to be so purchased may not exceed 10 per cent of the warrants of the issuer (or such other relevant class of securities, as the case may be), in each case as at the date of the resolution granting the general mandate; and

Note: If the issuer conducts a share consolidation or subdivision after the repurchase mandate has been approved in general meeting, the maximum number of shares that may be repurchased under the mandate as a percentage of the total number of issued shares at the date immediately before and after such consolidation or subdivision shall be the same.
(2) the dates on which the authority conferred by the resolution will commence and determine. Such authority may only continue in force until:—
(a) the conclusion of the first annual general meeting of the issuer following the passing of the resolution at which time it shall lapse unless, by ordinary resolution passed at that meeting, the authority is renewed, either unconditionally or subject to conditions; or
(b) revoked or varied by ordinary resolution of the shareholders in general meeting,
whichever occurs first.