An issuer shall:—

(1) submit for publication to the Exchange through HKEx-EPS not later than 30 minutes before the earlier of the commencement of the morning trading session or any pre-opening session on the business day following any day on which the issuer makes a purchase of shares (whether on GEM or otherwise), the total number of shares purchased by the issuer the previous day, the purchase price per share or the highest and lowest prices paid for such purchases, where relevant, and shall confirm that those purchases which were made on GEM were made in accordance with the GEM Listing Rules and that there have been no material changes to the particulars contained in the Explanatory Statement. In respect of purchases made on another stock exchange, the issuer's report must confirm that those purchases were made in accordance with the domestic rules applying to purchases on that other stock exchange. Such reports shall be made on a return in such form and containing such information as the Exchange may from time to time prescribe. In the event that no shares are purchased on any particular day then no return need be made to the Exchange. The issuer should make arrangements with its brokers to ensure that they provide to the issuer in a timely fashion the necessary information to enable the issuer to make the report to the Exchange; and
(2) include in its annual report and accounts a monthly breakdown of purchases of shares made during the financial year under review showing the number of shares purchased each month (whether on GEM or otherwise) and the purchase price per share or the highest and lowest price paid for all such purchases, where relevant, and the aggregate price paid by the issuer for such purchases. The directors' report shall contain reference to the purchases made during the year and the directors' reasons for making such purchases.