In the case of a new applicant, the listing document is required to include the following:—
(1)    the statements required pursuant to rule 14.04 (disclaimer) and rule 14.05 (GEM characteristics);
(2)    [Repealed 1 July 2008];
(3)    the statement of business objectives, as described in rules 14.19 to 14.21;
(4)    subject to rule 14.11(6), all of the specific items of information which are set out in Part A of Appendix 1;
(5)    appropriate risk factors, taking into consideration the matters set out in rule 14.22;
(6)    if applicable, the information required by virtue of rule 14.10; and
(7)    subject to rule 14.13 and to the extent not included by virtue of the above, such particulars and information which, according to the particular nature of the applicant and the securities for which listing is sought, is necessary to enable an investor to make an informed assessment of:—
  (a)    the activities, profits and losses, assets and liabilities, financial position, management and prospects of the applicant; and
  (b) the rights and trading arrangements attaching to such securities.
  Note:    The Exchange may consider an application for a waiver from the disclosure requirement of the issue price or offer price under rule 14.08 and paragraph 15(3)(c) of Appendix 1A for issuers with, or seeking, a dual listing, subject to the conditions that:‒
    (a)    the Commission grants a certificate of exemption from strict compliance with the relevant requirements of the Companies (Winding Up and Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance;
    (b)    the listing document discloses (i) the maximum offer price (also in the application forms); (ii) when the final offer price will be determined and how it will be published; (iii) the issuer’s historical share prices during the trading record period and up to the latest practicable date; (iv) trading liquidity; (v) the determinants of the final offer price; and
    (c)    investors will be able to access the latest market price of the issuer’s shares.