The issuer must determine in advance with its financial adviser or Sponsor whether to include a profit forecast in a listing document. Where a profit forecast appears in any listing document, it must be clear, unambiguous and presented in an explicit manner and the principal assumptions, including commercial assumptions, upon which it is based, must be stated. The accounting policies and calculations for the forecast must be reviewed and reported on by the reporting accountants and their report must be set out. The Sponsor or financial adviser must report in addition that it has satisfied itself that the forecast has been stated by the directors after due and careful enquiry, and such report must be set out.

A "profit forecast" for this purpose means any forecast of profits or losses, however worded, and includes any statement which explicitly or implicitly quantifies the anticipated level of future profits or losses either expressly or by reference to previous profits or losses or any other benchmark or point of reference. It also includes any profit estimate, being any estimate of profits or losses for a financial period which has expired but for which the results have not yet been audited or published. Any valuation of assets (except for property interests (as defined in rule 8.01(3)) or businesses acquired by an issuer based on discounted cash flows or projections of profits, earnings or cash flows is regarded as a profit forecast.