All warrants must, prior to the issue or grant thereof, be approved by the Exchange and in addition, where they are warrants to subscribe equity securities, by the shareholders in general meeting (unless they are issued by the directors under the authority of a general mandate granted to them by shareholders in accordance with rule 13.36(2)). In the absence of exceptional circumstances which would include, by way of example, a rescue reorganisation, the Exchange will only grant approval to the issue or grant of warrants to subscribe securities if the following requirements are complied with:—
(1)    the securities to be issued on exercise of the warrants must not, when aggregated with all other equity securities which remain to be issued on exercise of any other subscription rights, if all such rights were immediately exercised, whether or not such exercise is permissible, exceed twenty per cent. of the number of issued shares of the issuer at the time such warrants are issued. Options granted under employee or executive share schemes which comply with Chapter 17 are excluded for the purpose of this limit; and
(2) such warrants must expire not less than one and not more than five years from the date of issue or grant and must not be convertible into further rights to subscribe for securities which expire less than one year or more than five years after the date of issue or grant of the original warrants.