Any publication by an issuer pursuant to the GEM Listing Rules must be made in both the English and Chinese languages unless otherwise stated.

Note:  This rule does not apply to documents to be published on the Exchange’s website and the issuer’s own website pursuant to rule 7.18, rule 8.01B(1)(b), rule 8.02B(2)(b), rule 23.02(2), rule 24.09(2), rule 24.09(3), rule 24.09(5)(a) and (e), rule 24.09(6), rule 25.20(4), rule 25.37, rule 32.05(3), rule 35.10, rule 35.11, paragraph 52 of Part A of Appendix 1, paragraph 42 of Part B of Appendix 1, paragraph 53 of Part C of Appendix 1 and paragraph 9(b)(i) of Appendix 4.