Rules 17.15 to 17.21 set out specific instances that give rise to a disclosure obligation on an issuer's part.


1 Transactions and financing arrangements of the sort referred to in rules 17.15 to 17.21 may also be subject to Chapter 19 (Notifiable Transactions) and/or Chapter 20 (Connected Transactions).
2 For the purposes of rules 17.15 to 17.21, the following terms have the following meanings:—

"relevant advance to an entity" means the aggregate of amounts due from and all guarantees given on behalf of:—
(i) an entity;
(ii) the entity's controlling shareholder;
(iii) the entity's subsidiaries;
(iv) the entity's affiliated companies; and
(v) any other entity with the same controlling shareholder as the entity in question.
3 No disclosure is necessary under rules 17.15 to 17.21 where the indebtedness or financial assistance in question arises from a transaction which was approved by shareholders provided that information equivalent to rules 17.17 or 17.18, as applicable, was included in the circular to shareholders of the issuer.
4 [Repealed 1 January 2013]