An issuer proposing to publish an announcement, circular or other document pursuant to the GEM Listing Rules shall observe the following provisions:

(1) Where the subject matter of the document may involve a change in or relate to or affect arrangements regarding trading in the issuer's listed securities (including a suspension or resumption of dealings, and a cancellation or withdrawal of listing), the issuer must consult the Exchange before the document is issued. The document must not include any reference to a specific date or specific timetable in respect of such matter which has not been agreed in advance with the Exchange.
(2) If the issuer wishes to:
(a) ascertain whether or to what extent any provisions in the GEM Listing Rules apply to the document, or the transaction or matter to which it relates; or
(b) request a modification or dispensation with any requirements of the GEM Listing Rules in respect of the document, or the transaction or matter to which it relates,
relevant details, including the reasons and circumstances that give rise to the issues concerned, must be submitted to the Exchange in sufficient time for its determination.