Additional information in respect of those 5 individuals whose emoluments (excluding amounts paid or payable by way of commissions on sales generated by the individual) were the highest in the listed issuer or the group for the year and details of the increase of each of their emoluments. Where all 5 of these individuals are directors and the information required by this rule has been disclosed in the emoluments of directors, this must be stated and no additional disclosure is required. Where the details of one or more of the individuals whose emoluments were the highest have not been included in the emoluments of directors, the following information must be disclosed:—

(1) the aggregate of basic salaries, housing allowances, other allowances and benefits in kind for such financial year;
(2) the aggregate of contributions to pension schemes for the financial year;
(3) the aggregate of bonuses paid or receivable which are discretionary or are based on the issuer's, the group's or any member of the group's performance (excluding amounts disclosed in (4) and (5) below) for the financial year;
(4) the aggregate of amounts paid during the financial year or receivable as an inducement to join or upon joining the issuer or the group;
(5) the aggregate of compensation paid during such financial year or receivable for the loss of any office in connection with the management of the affairs of any member of the group distinguishing between contractual payments and other payments (excluding amounts disclosed in (1) to (3) above); and
(6) an analysis showing the number of individuals whose remuneration (being amounts paid under (1) to (5) above) fell within bands from HK$nil up to HK$1,000,000 or into higher bands (where the higher limit of the band is an exact multiple of HK$500,000 and the range of the band is HK$499,999).

1 It is not necessary to disclose the identity of the highest paid individuals, unless any of them are directors of the issuer.
2 The purpose of these disclosures is to provide shareholders with an indication of the fixed management costs of groups and accordingly employees who are higher paid by virtue of sales commissions are to be omitted from this disclosure.