Issuers' preliminary announcements of results for each of the first 3 and 9 month periods of each financial year must contain at least the information set out below stated in respect of the group and such information must be published (in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 16) on the Exchange’s website as soon as possible, but in any event not later than the time that is 30 minutes before the earlier of the commencement of the morning trading session or any pre-opening session on the next business day after approval by or on behalf of the board of the results. The issuer must publish such results not later than 45 days after the end of such period:
(1)    revenue;
(2)    profit (or loss) before taxation, including the share of profit (or loss) of associates and joint ventures with separate disclosure of any items included therein which are exceptional because of size and incidence;
(3)    taxation on profits (Hong Kong and overseas) in each case indicating basis of computation with separate disclosure of the taxation on share of associates and joint ventures' profits;
(4)    profit (or loss) attributable to non-controlling interests;
(5)    profit (or loss) attributable to shareholders;
(6)    rates of dividend paid or proposed on each class of shares (with particulars of each such class) and amounts absorbed thereby (or an appropriate negative statement);
(7)    all movements to and from any reserves;
(8)    earnings per share;
(9)    comparative figures of the matters specified in (1) to (8) inclusive for the corresponding previous period; and
(10)    particulars of any purchase, sale or redemption by the issuer or any of its subsidiaries, of its listed securities during the relevant period, or an appropriate negative statement.
1    Where the items of information specified in this rule are unsuited to the listed issuer's activities, appropriate adjustments should be made. Where the requirements of this Note are unsuited to the listed issuer's activities or circumstances, the Exchange may require suitable adaptations to be made.
2    The Exchange may authorise the omission from the preliminary announcement of any information if it considers:—
(a)    such omission to be necessary or appropriate; or
(b)    disclosure of such information would be contrary to the public interest or seriously detrimental to the issuer,

provided that such omission would not be likely to mislead the public with regard to facts and circumstances, knowledge of which is essential for the assessment of the securities in question.
3    The issuer or its representatives will be responsible for the correctness and relevance of the facts on which any application for an exemption under Note 2 above is based.
4    Newly listed issuers will be required to prepare and publish the relevant 3-month or 9-month results (irrespective of whether the period in question ends on a date before or after the date on which dealings in the securities of the listed issuer commenced) where the 45-day deadline for publishing the results falls after the date on which dealings in the securities of the listed issuer commenced. The requirements under rule 18.79 are not applicable to the 3-month or 9-month period which ended immediately before the listing a newly listed issuer if the following is disclosed in its listing document:—
(a)    the financial information required under Chapter 18 in relation to quarterly results announcements, in respect of such 3-month or 9-month period (with comparative figures for the corresponding 3-month or 9-month period of the immediately preceding financial year); and
(b)    that it will not breach its constitutional documents, laws and regulations of its place of incorporation or other regulatory requirements as a result of not publishing such quarterly results announcements.
Such a newly listed issuer should publish an announcement no later than the time prescribed in rule 18.79 that the relevant financial information has been included in its listing document.