(1) The Qualified Issuer must publish an announcement as soon as possible after notification of the success of a bid by it or the joint venture for a Qualified Property Acquisition falling under rule 19.33A and send a circular to its shareholders.
(2) The announcement and circular must contain:
(a) details of the acquisition;
(b) details of the joint venture, if any, including
(i) the joint venture's terms and status;
(ii) its dividend and distribution policy; and
(iii) the joint venture's financial and capital commitment and the Qualified Issuer's share in it; and
(c) information to demonstrate that the conditions in rule 19.33A(1) or (2) were met.
Note: If any of these details are not available when the issuer publishes the initial announcement, it must publish subsequent announcement(s) to disclose the details as soon as possible after they have been agreed or finalised,
(3) The announcement and circular requirements under chapter 19 apply to the acquisition and the joint venture, if any, according to the transaction classification, except that the information circular need not contain a valuation report on the property under the Qualified Property Acquisition.