(1) [Repealed 1 August 2018]
(2) [Repealed 1 August 2018]
(3) An issuer that has finalised the major terms of an agreement in respect of a notifiable transaction which it reasonably believes would require disclosure under the Inside Information Provisions must ensure confidentiality of the relevant information until making the required announcement. Where the issuer considers that the necessary degree of security cannot be maintained or that the security may have been breached, it must make an announcement or immediately apply for a trading halt or a trading suspension pending the announcement.
(4) Directors of issuers must, under rule 17.07A, maintain confidentiality of information that is likely to be inside information, until it is announced.
(5) In the case of a reverse takeover, suspension of dealings in the issuer's securities must continue until the issuer has announced sufficient information. Whether the amount of information disclosed in the announcement is sufficient or not is determined on a case-by-case basis.