Where the announcement contains a profit forecast in respect of the issuer or a company which is, or is proposed to become, one of its subsidiaries, the issuer must submit the following additional information and documents to the Exchange no later than the making of such announcement:—

(1) details of the principal assumptions, including commercial assumptions, upon which the forecast is based;
(2) a letter from the issuer's auditors or reporting accountants confirming that they have reviewed the accounting policies and calculations for the forecast and containing their report; and
(3) a report from the issuer's financial advisers confirming that they are satisfied that the forecast has been made by the directors after due and careful enquiry. If no financial advisers have been appointed in connection with the transaction, the issuer must provide a letter from the board of directors confirming they have made the forecast after due and careful enquiry.

Note: See rule 17.26B in respect of issuers' obligation to announce material or significant changes which impact on profit forecasts.