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This section comprises decisions on cases handled by the Listing Committee and/or the Listing Division, to enhance transparency and market understanding of their interpretation of the Listing Rules. Each decision was based on its specific circumstances and is not a precedent for future cases.

Since August 2007, we have adopted a thematic approach in preparing decision series for IPO cases. Grouping decisions on cases which discuss similar topics into a common series should help readers better understand the application of the Rules. To maintain the guidance value of the decisions, we will not report on every case. Instead, only decisions that discuss novel issues or are of general guidance value will be published.

LD Series Number First Release Date (Last Update Date) (mm/yyyy) Listing Rules Topics Particulars
LD8-3 12/1999 (09/2009)
Rules 14.44, 14.45 Major transaction — whether two shareholders of Company A, who had been partners in a project, could be viewed as a "closely allied group of shareholders' for the purpose of providing a written certificate in lieu of a resolution passed at a shareholders' meeting
LD8-2 12/1999 (09/2009) Rule 8.05

Whether Company A fulfilled the track record requirements for new listing

(Withdrawn in February 2018)

LD8-1 12/1999 Note (1) to Rule 6.02 Whether reasons given for suspension request warranted suspension
LD7-3 11/1999 (09/2009) Chapters 15, 16, 28 Whether an issue of convertible non-voting redeemable preference shares should be treated as an issue of equity or debt instruments and which chapters of the Listing Rules should apply
LD7-2 11/1999 (09/2009) Rule 14A.43 Connected transactions — acceptability of written shareholders' certificate in lieu of shareholders' meeting

(Withdrawn in July 2014)
LD7-1 11/1999 Rules 14.09, 14.25(1) Major and connected transaction — disposal of Company A's entire interest in Company B:
•  discretion to disregard profits under Rule 14.09
•  determining whether transaction fell within de minimis provisions of Rule 14.25(1)
(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD6-3 10/1999 Practice Note 15 Applicability of Practice Note 15 to proposed admission of shares of non wholly owned subsidiary to trading on overseas over-the-counter securities exchange
LD6-2 10/1999 Rule 14.04(8) Whether the unique nature of Company A's industry should entitle it to a relaxation of the assets test

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD6-1 10/1999 Rules 14.06, 14.09 Change in control as a result of an acquisition does not necessarily render the transaction a very substantial acquisition

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD5-3 09/1999 Appendix 10 — Paragraph A3 Model Code Securities Transactions by Directors of Listed Companies — Excess application for rights shares by directors during the period of one month immediately preceding the announcement of interim or final results

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD5-2 09/1999 Rule 15.02(1) Whether a company could issue convertible debentures with warrants as the company had existing warrants and the shares to be issued upon exercise of such warrants already amounted to 20% of its issued share capital
LD5-1 09/1999 Rule 8.05 Reliance on the income from an associated company to fulfil the trading record requirement

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD4-3 08/1999 Rule 14.07(3) A very substantial acquisition resulting in the Exchange treating it as a new listing application

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD4-2 07/1999 (01/2013) General Principles On Land Title Requirements For PRC Mainland Properties Whether construction permits are acceptable in lieu of long-term land use right certificates for properties on the PRC mainland used for Company A's infrastructure projects
LD4-1 08/1999 Rule 17.01 Employee share option scheme of an overseas-listed subsidiary
LD3-3 07/1999 Rule 14.26 The basis upon which a cap may be set in relation to waivers granted to Company A for on-going connected transactions

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD3-2 07/1999 Practice Note 15 Whether the proposal of Company A constituted a spin-off under Practice Note 15 of the Listing Rules
LD3-1 07/1999 General Principles On IPO Sale of shares in Company A by controlling shareholder at a discount less than 6 months before listing

(Withdrawn in October 2003)
LD2-3 06/1999 Rule 14.25 Effect of variation of terms of connected transactions on connected transaction waivers

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD2-2 06/1999 Rules 14.06, 14.07(3) Reverse takeover — change in control

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD2-1 06/1999 (09/2009) Rule 14.15(2) Formation of a joint venture — determining the size of a transaction for the purpose of Chapter 14
LD1-3 05/1999 Rule 10.06(2)(a) Waiver from the 25% monthly share repurchase restriction

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD1-2 05/1999 Rule 10.07(1) Placing within six months of listing

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD1-1 05/1999 Rule 14.24(6)(a) 14 day period for a "top up" placing

(Withdrawn in September 2009)