In addition to the responsibilities of sponsors and Compliance Advisers set out in Chapter 3A of the Exchange Listing Rules:

(1) given the particular importance attached to the sponsor's role, the sponsor, in sponsoring a PRC issuer for listing, has a particular responsibility to satisfy himself, on all available information, that the PRC issuer is suitable to be listed and that its directors and supervisors appreciate the nature of their responsibilities and can be expected to honour their obligations under their directors' or supervisors' undertakings, the Exchange Listing Rules and under applicable PRC law and regulations. In particular, the sponsor must be satisfied that the directors of the PRC issuer understand what is required of them under the Exchange Listing Rules and applicable laws and regulations;
(2) [Repealed 2 November 2009]
(3) the Compliance Adviser must inform the PRC issuer on a timely basis of any amendment or supplement to the Exchange Listing Rules and any new or amended law, regulation or code in Hong Kong applicable to such issuer. Without limiting the generality of Chapter 3A, the Compliance Adviser must provide advice to such issuer on the continuing requirements under the Exchange Listing Rules and applicable laws and regulations; and
(4) where the authorised representatives of the PRC issuer are expected to be frequently outside Hong Kong, the Compliance Adviser must act as the PRC issuer's principal channel of communication with the Exchange in Hong Kong. The Compliance Adviser must also provide the Exchange with the names, home and office telephone numbers and where available, facsimile numbers, of at least one of its officers and an alternate who will act as the Compliance Adviser's contact with the Exchange and the PRC issuer.