A PRC issuer shall enter into a contract in writing with every director and officer containing at least the following provisions:—

(1) an undertaking by the director or officer to the PRC issuer to observe and comply with the Company Law, the Regulations, the articles of association, the Takeovers Code and Share Buy-backs Code and an agreement that the PRC issuer shall have the remedies provided in the articles of association and that neither the contract nor his office is capable of assignment;
(2) an undertaking by the director or officer to the PRC issuer acting as agent for each shareholder to observe and comply with his obligations to shareholders stipulated in the articles of association; and
(3) an arbitration clause as follows:—
(a) Whenever any disputes or claims arise from this contract, the company's articles of association or any rights or obligations conferred or imposed by the Company Law or other relevant laws and administrative regulations concerning the affairs of the company between (i) the company and its directors or officers; and (ii) a holder of overseas listed foreign shares and a director or officer of the company, the parties concerned shall resolve such disputes and claims through arbitration.
(b) Where a dispute or claim described above is referred to arbitration, the entire dispute or claim shall be resolved through arbitration; all persons who have a cause of action based on the same facts giving rise to the dispute or claim or whose participation is necessary for the resolution of such dispute or claim, if they are shareholders, directors, supervisors, manager or other officers of the company or the company, shall submit to arbitration.
(c) Disputes over who is a shareholder and over the share register do not have to be resolved through arbitration.
(d) The party seeking arbitration may elect to have the dispute or claim arbitrated either by the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission in accordance with its arbitration rules or by the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre in accordance with its securities arbitration rules. Once the party seeking arbitration submits a dispute or claim to arbitration, the other party must submit to the arbitral body selected by the party seeking the arbitration.
(e) If the party seeking arbitration elects to arbitrate the dispute or claim at the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre, then either party may apply to have such arbitration conducted in Shenzhen according to the securities arbitration rules of the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre.
(f) The laws of the People's Republic of China shall govern the arbitration of disputes or claims described in clause (a) above, unless otherwise provided by law or administrative regulations.
(g) The award of the arbitral body is final and shall be binding on the parties thereto.
(h) This agreement to arbitrate is made by the director or officer with the company on its own behalf and on behalf of each shareholder.
(i) Any reference to arbitration shall be deemed to authorise the arbitral tribunal to conduct hearings in open session and to publish its award.