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This section comprises decisions on cases handled by the Listing Committee and/or the Listing Division, to enhance transparency and market understanding of their interpretation of the Listing Rules. Each decision was based on its specific circumstances and is not a precedent for future cases.

Since August 2007, we have adopted a thematic approach in preparing decision series for IPO cases. Grouping decisions on cases which discuss similar topics into a common series should help readers better understand the application of the Rules. To maintain the guidance value of the decisions, we will not report on every case. Instead, only decisions that discuss novel issues or are of general guidance value will be published.

LD Series Number First Release Date (Last Update Date) (mm/yyyy) Listing Rules/Topics Particulars
LD20-3 12/2000 Practice Note 13 — Paragraph 4.1 Whether an issue of new shares by Company B would constitute a "deemed disposal"

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD20-2 12/2000 Chapter 15 Whether Chapter 15 applies to unlisted warrants
LD20-1 12/2000 General Principles For IPO Pre-IPO placing to a strategic investor

(Withdrawn in October 2003)
LD19-3 11/2000 Rule 14.26(3) Connected transaction — issue of shares in Company B to connected persons — whether written shareholders' approval acceptable

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD19-2 11/2000 Chapter 17 — General Whether Company A could delete a clause in its employee share option scheme that restricted the number of options that could be granted to eligible employees

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD19-1 11/2000 Rules 3.10, 3.11 Whether Mr. X could be appointed as one of Company's A independent nonexecutive directors

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD18-3 10/2000 Rule 14.04 Whether the proceeds from top-up placing which had not yet been completed, should be included in net tangible assets for purpose of "4 tests"

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD18-2 10/2000 (09/2009) Rule 13.16 Whether provision of further financial assistance since previous announcement under Rule 13.16 necessitated further announcement
LD18-1 10/2000 Appendix 7 — Paragraph 19 (1)(a)(ii) of the Listing Agreement Material dilution of major subsidiary — whether written shareholders' approval acceptable in lieu of resolution passed at shareholders' meeting

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD17-3 09/2000 Rule 14.26 Transactions became on-going connected transactions following acquisition, but independent shareholders' approval not obtained

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD17-2 09/2000 Paragraph 3(f) of Practice Note 15 No assured entitlements in spin-off — whether minority shareholders' approval necessary
LD17-1 09/2000 Rule 14.24(1) Whether a consultancy agreement qualified for the exemption provided by Rule 14.24(1) for consumer good and services

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD16-3 08/2000 Rule 14.24(6)(b) Connected person undertaking to apply for excess rights issue — whether exemption for receipt of pro rata entitlement of securities applicable

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD16-2 08/2000 Chapter 17 — General Whether Company A could extend the benefits of its share option scheme to non-executive directors

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD16-1 08/2000 Rule 19A.14(2) Meaning of "total existing issued share capital" for purpose of Rule 19A.14(2)

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD15-3 07/2000 Paragraph 1 of Appendix 8 Calculation of initial listing fee where applicant was to be listed by way of introduction with Hong Kong as its only place of listing

(Withdrawn in October 2020)
LD15-2 07/2000 Rule 10.06(2)(e) Application by Company A for a wavier to purchase its shares within one month prior to the preliminary announcement of its annual results
LD15-1 07/2000 Rules 14.25(1), 14.26 Connected transactions waiver cap exceeded

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD14-3 05/2000 (11/2009) Rules 2.13(2), 11.16 to 11.19 Payment of special dividend prior to listing

(Withdrawn in January 2013; Superseded by GL15-09)
LD14-2 06/2000 Rule 14.09 Calculation of "4 tests" on disposal where company had negative net tangible asset value and incurred net losses

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD14-1 06/2000 Rule 14.03(2)(a)(ii) Whether mere relationship rendered Mr. X a connected person

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD13-3 05/2000 Rule 17.01 Whether Company A's proposed incentive share scheme for employees would be subject to Chapter 17 of the Listing Rules
LD13-2 05/2000 (09/2009) Chapter 8.05, Paragraph 3(c) of Practice Note 15 Whether re-issued accounts were acceptable
LD13-1 05/2000 Paragraph 3(c) of Practice Note 15 Need to ascertain whether, after its proposed spin-off of a subsidiary, Company A would continue to have a sufficient level of operations and sufficient assets to support its separate listing status
LD12-3 03/2000 (01/2013) Rule 3A.07 GEM Rule 6A.07 Whether Company B could apply for shares in Company A's initial public offering

(Withdrawn in February 2020)
LD12-2 04/2000 (09/2009) Note 3 to Rule 13.52, Rule 13.73 Changes to the trading timetable on a capital reorganization
LD12-1 04/2000 Rule 7.24(5) Whether Company A's proposed open offer would have to be made conditional on approval by Company A's shareholders in general meeting by a resolution on which the controlling shareholder would have to abstain from voting

(Withdrawn in July 2018)
LD11-3 03/2000 Practice Note 15 Whether Company A was required to have been listed on the Exchange for at least three years before an application to spin off Company B could be considered
LD11-2 03/2000 Rule 3.11 Whether Mr. X, who had until just one month previously held several directorships in companies controlled by connected persons of Company A, could act an independent non-executive director of Company A

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD11-1 03/2000 General Principles On Sponsor, Chapter 3 Eligibility of Company A to act as a co-sponsor of an applicant for new listing

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD10-3 02/2000 General Principles On Land Title Requirements For PRC Mainland Properties Whether Company A, being neither an infrastructure project company nor a property company, was required to obtain the long-term land use right certificates and/or building ownership certificates and/or building ownership certificates for all its PRC mainland properties

(Withdrawn in July 2010; Superseded by GL19-10)
LD10-2 02/2000 Rule 8.05, Paragraph 3(c) of Practice Note 15 Whether remaining business of Company A after proposed spin-off was able to meet profit requirement of Rule 8.05
LD10-1 02/2000 (09/2009) Rule 13.10, Paragraph 5 of Practice Note 11 Release by Company A of a standard announcement pursuant to Rule 13.10 while contemplating share placing
LD9-3 01/2000 Rules 8.05, 18.03 Mineral company — waiver from trading record requirements of Rule 8.05

(Withdrawn in July 2008; Superseded by Guidance Letter GL5-08)
LD9-2 01/2000 General Principles On Sponsors Eligibility of a company to be the sole sponsor of an applicant of for new

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD9-1 01/2000 Rule 8.08 Whether trading should continue with insufficient shares in public hands following a rights issue