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This section comprises decisions on cases handled by the Listing Committee and/or the Listing Division, to enhance transparency and market understanding of their interpretation of the Listing Rules. Each decision was based on its specific circumstances and is not a precedent for future cases.

Since August 2007, we have adopted a thematic approach in preparing decision series for IPO cases. Grouping decisions on cases which discuss similar topics into a common series should help readers better understand the application of the Rules. To maintain the guidance value of the decisions, we will not report on every case. Instead, only decisions that discuss novel issues or are of general guidance value will be published.

LD Series Number First Release Date (Last Update Date) (mm/yyyy) Listing Rules/Topics Particulars
LD29-3 09/2001
Chapters 14A, 17 Share options to director — whether fell within Chapter 14A or Chapter 17
LD29-2 09/2001 Rule 14.25(2)(a) Financial assistance to non wholly owned subsidiary — Mr. X a substantial shareholder and director of the subsidiary — whether exempted connected transaction under Rule 14.25(2)(a)

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD29-1 09/2001
Rule 10.06, Chapter 14 On-market share repurchase — whether notifiable transaction
LD28-3 08/2001 Rule 10.07(1)(a) Agreement within 6 months of listing for issue of shares outside of 6-month period

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD28-2 08/2001 Rule 5.02, General Principles on Land Title Requirements For PRC Mainland Properties No land use rights — whether revaluation surplus could be included in major transaction circular
LD28-1 08/2001
Rule 5.02 Major transaction — whether property valuation required
LD27-3 07/2001 Rules 14.04(5), 14.10 Notifiable transaction — aggregation

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD27-2 07/2001 Rule 14.10 Major transaction — call option — whether granting had to be made conditional on shareholders' approval
(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD27-1 07/2001 General Principles On Sponsors Eligibility of Company A to be sole sponsor of application for new listing

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD26-3 06/2001 General Principles For IPO Over-allotment option in initial public offering — whether it could exceed 15% of total number of shares initially available
LD26-2 06/2001 Rule 8.24 Whether shares held by trust of which connected person was trustee regarded as "in public hands"
LD26-1 06/2001 Practice Note 17 Whether an extension of the timetable under the delisting procedures should be granted
LD25-3 05/2001
Rules 13.11, 13.16 Whether guarantees given by a listed issuer to its subsidiaries to secure their banking facilities, which exceed 25% of the listed issuer's consolidated net tangible assets, give rise to a disclosure obligation under Practice Note 19
LD25-2 05/2001 Paragraph 4(2) (b)(ii) of Appendix 16 Whether a listed issuer is required to disclose its credit policy in its interim and annual results announcements and interim and annual reports
LD25-1 05/2001 Rule 14.25(1) De minimis continuing connected transaction — whether announcement required each year

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD24-3 04/2001 Rule 14.24(5) Connected transaction — financial assistance not in the ordinary and usual course of business — whether de minimis

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD24-2 04/2001 Rule 14.03(2) (a)(ii) Connected transaction — whether the word "cohabiting" in Rule 14.03(2)(a) (ii) qualifies all the categories of relative mentioned in that Rule

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD24-1 04/2001 Rule 14.25(2) (b) Connected transaction — proportional financial assistance to a company in which the listed issuer (or any of its subsidiaries) and a connected person are both shareholders — meaning of "proportionate" here interest indirectly held

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD23-3 03/2001
Chapter 6, Practice Note 11 Transaction involving an issue of shares by Company A — whether suspension necessary
LD23-2 03/2001
Note 11(ii) to Rule 13.09(1) Profit warning

(Withdrawn in January 2013)
LD23-1 03/2001
Rules 13.46(1), 13.47 Distribution of annual report and compliance with disclosure requirements relating to annual reports
LD22-3 02/2001 Rule 14.10 Determination of "closely allied group of shareholders"

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD22-2 02/2001 Practice Note 19 — Paragraph 3.2.1 Whether trading balances due from a third party should be treated as "advances" in determining whether advances by an issuer to any entity have exceeded 25% of the issuer's net assets

(Withdrawn in September 2009)
LD22-1 02/2001
Rule 13.16 Whether provisions made against advances to affiliated companies should be taken into account when calculating the percentage of a listed issuer's net assets which is represented by such advances and other forms of financial assistance to affiliated companies
LD21-3 01/2001
Paragraphs (5) and (6) of Note 1 to Appendix 5A1 To what extent listing timetable may be delayed

(Withdrawn in July 2018; Superseded by GL55-13)
LD21-2 01/2001 Paragraph 3.1 of Practice Note 18 No application for securities of more than HK$5 million — whether still needed to divide into two pools

(Withdrawn in February 2020)
LD21-1 01/2001
Rule 14A.45 Whether independent expert's opinion in connected transaction could be waived