It is emphasised that the Exchange Listing Rules are not exhaustive and that the Exchange may impose additional requirements or make listing subject to special conditions whenever it considers it appropriate. Conversely, the Exchange may waive, modify or not require compliance with the Exchange Listing Rules in individual cases (to suit the circumstances of a particular case), as a variety of circumstances may exist which require it to make ad hoc decisions. However, any waiver or modification of, or decision not to require compliance with, a rule, which is intended to have general effect (i.e. to affect more than one issuer and its subsidiaries at the same time) may only be granted with the prior consent of the Commission. The Exchange will not grant an individual waiver or modification of a rule, or agree not to require compliance with a rule, on a regularly recurring basis so as to create the same result as a general waiver. Consequently, both new applicants and listed issuers and, in the case of a guaranteed issue, guarantors are encouraged to seek informal and confidential guidance from the Exchange at all times.

Note:    Issuers must fully disclose details of any waivers or modifications granted (including the conditions thereof) in the relevant listing document (or in other announcement or circular as the Exchange considers appropriate). The Exchange reserves the right to revoke or modify any waivers or modifications granted if there are any material changes in the information provided or circumstances thereunder.