(1) The procedures regarding the delivery of information and documents under the Exchange Listing Rules shall be determined by the Exchange from time to time and promulgated by way of a practice note to the Exchange Listing Rules.

Note: See Practice Note 1
(1A) Where the Exchange Listing Rules require a certain number of copies of a document to be sent or submitted to the Exchange, the Exchange may require the issuer to provide the Exchange with such lesser or greater number of such copies as the Exchange may reasonably determine.
(2) The Exchange may publish, release or present on the Exchange's website or in any other form or context and to whomsoever the Exchange deems necessary or appropriate for the purposes specified below any information provided by or on behalf of any listed issuer or new applicant to the Exchange, whether pursuant to any obligation of such listed issuer or new applicant under the Exchange Listing Rules to publish such information or otherwise, and without liability on the part of the Exchange. In addition, the Exchange may impose a fee for access to or use of such public information so published, released or presented, and such listed issuer or new applicant shall be deemed to have waived any right to receive any fee or other remuneration from the Exchange in respect of such access or use. The purposes for which the Exchange may so publish, release or present such information are as follows:—
a) to provide a means of easy access by the investing public to such information;
b) for the promotion of the Exchange;
c) in connection with the compilation of statistical and other information on listed issuers and new applicants;
d) investor awareness and education; or
e) to preserve the general integrity and reputation of the market.
(3) For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in the Exchange Listing Rules shall be construed as imposing upon the Exchange an obligation to publish on the Exchange's website any document or communication other than as expressly provided in these Exchange Listing Rules.