The Listing Agreement for an investment company must include the following additional continuing obligations:—

(1) the annual report and accounts shall include:—
(a) a list of all investments with a value greater than 5 per cent. of the investment company's gross assets, and at least the 10 largest investments stating, with comparative figures where relevant:—
(i) a brief description of the business;
(ii) proportion of share capital owned;
(iii) cost;
(iv) directors' valuation and, in the case of listed investments, market value;
(v) dividends received during the year (indicating any abnormal dividends);
(vi) dividend cover or underlying earnings; and
(vii) [Repealed 1 January 2013]
(viii) net assets attributable to investment;
(b) an analysis of any provision for diminution in the value of investments, naming the investments against which provision has been made and stating for each investment:—
(i) cost;
(ii) provision made; and
(iii) book value; and
(c) an analysis of realised and unrealised surpluses, stating separately profits and losses as between investments which are listed on a regulated, regularly operating, open stock market which is recognised by the Exchange and those investments which are not so listed;
(2) the interim report and any preliminary announcement of results for the full year shall include a division of income between:—
(a) dividend and interest received; and
(b) other forms of income (which may be income of associated companies),
distinguishing where significant between underwriting income and the results of dealings by subsidiaries;
(3) the investment company must publish in accordance with rule 2.07C an announcement containing a statement of its net asset value as at the end of each month within 15 days of that date;
(4) in the case of a unit trust, mutual fund or collective investment scheme not authorised under the Code and pursuant to section 104 of the Securities and Futures Ordinance, an undertaking that units, shares and interests in the scheme will not be advertised, promoted, marketed or sold in Hong Kong in any way which breaches the laws and regulations (including the Code) in Hong Kong; and
(5) an undertaking to comply with the requirements of rules 21.04(3), (5) and (6), if applicable.