In order to allow the Exchange sufficient time to consider an application for listing on the basis of its supporting documents and to maintain an orderly new issues market, a new applicant must normally apply for a listing application on the prescribed form set out in Form A1 in Appendix 5 to the Exchange at the earliest possible opportunity and normally not less than 14 clear days prior to the date on which the listing document is to be bulk printed. The listing application form must be accompanied by a non-refundable deposit of the initial listing fee payable. The listing application form must contain a draft timetable which has been agreed in advance with the Exchange. Any changes in that timetable must also be agreed in advance with the Exchange. If it is not possible to lodge documents with the Exchange within these time limits, they should be submitted as soon as they become available. Issuers should appreciate that any significant delay in lodging the documents may affect the listing timetable.