As soon as practicable after the issue of the listing document, the following documents must be lodged with the Exchange as a condition for granting listing approval:—

(1) [Repealed 25 June 2007];
(2) unless previously supplied under rule 24.11(6), a certified copy of the resolution(s) therein referred to;
(3) [Repealed 25 June 2007];
(4) [Repealed 25 June 2007];
(5) a specimen of any temporary document of title;
(6) when available, a specimen of the definitive certificate or other document of title;
(7) if requested by the Exchange, a declaration from the security printers responsible for the production of bearer documents of title in accordance with paragraph 25 of Part B of Appendix 2;
(8) a declaration substantially in the form set out in Form F in Appendix 5, duly signed by a director or the secretary of the issuer and a director or secretary of the guarantor, in the case of a guaranteed issue, together with any annual listing fee which is payable and which has not previously been paid (see Appendix 8); and
(9) in the case of a new applicant, a written declaration and undertaking, in the form set out in Form B in Appendix 5, duly signed by each director/member of the issuer's governing body. In the case of a listed issuer, the same declaration and undertaking must be submitted if specifically requested by the Exchange.