A PRC issuer may purchase its own shares on GEM in accordance with the provisions of this rule and rules 13.03 to 13.14. Although such provisions normally apply to a PRC issuer's equity securities which are listed on GEM and which are or are proposed to be purchased on GEM, when seeking shareholders' approval to make purchases of such securities on GEM or when reporting such purchases, a PRC issuer should provide information on the proposed or actual purchases of any or all of its equity securities, whether or not listed or traded on GEM. Therefore, in the case of a PRC issuer, rule 13.06 is amended and restated in its entirety to read as follows:

"For the purposes of rules 13.03 to 13.14, "shares" shall mean shares of all classes listed on GEM and securities listed on GEM which carry a right to subscribe or purchase shares of the PRC issuer, provided that references to "shares" in rules 13.08 and 13.13 shall also include shares of all classes listed on any stock exchange and securities that are listed on any stock exchange which carry a right to subscribe or purchase shares of such PRC issuer, and provided further that the Exchange may waive the requirements of those rules in respect of any fixed participation shares which are, in the opinion of the Exchange, more analogous to debt securities than equity securities. References to purchases of shares include purchases by agents or nominees on behalf of the PRC issuer or subsidiary of the PRC issuer, as the case may be."