On or before the date of issue of the listing document, the following documents must be supplied to the Exchange:—

(1) in the case of a new applicant or a listed issuer proposing to issue a listing document of the type referred to in rule 6A.36(1) within the minimum period referred to in rule 6A.19 or any period fixed for the purposes of rule 6A.20 during which the issuer or the issuer's holding company is required to appoint a Compliance Adviser, the signed declaration in the form set out in Appendix 7J as referred to in rule 6A.35;
(2) [Repealed 1 September 2008]
(3) a certified copy of every letter, report, financial statement, statement of adjustments, valuation, contract, resolution or other document any part of which is extracted or referred to in the listing document; and
(4) a certified copy of the written consent by any expert to the issue of the listing document with the inclusion therein of the following in the form and context in which they are included.
(5) [Repealed 1 September 2008]