As soon as practicable after the issue of the listing document but before dealings commence, the following documents must be lodged with the Exchange:—
(1)    unless previously supplied under rule 28.13(9), a certified copy of the resolution(s) therein referred to;
(2)    the completed company information sheet in the prescribed form set out in Appendix 5F, submitted in the electronic format specified by the Exchange from time to time, for publication on the Exchange’s website, together with a hard copy duly signed by or on behalf of each of the directors of the issuer;
Note:    This requirement does not relate to the guarantor, in the case of a guaranteed issue, unless the guarantor is itself a listed issuer.
(3)    [Repealed 25 June 2007]
(4)    [Repealed 25 June 2007]
(5)    [Repealed 25 June 2007]
(6)    a specimen of any temporary document of title;
(7)    where available, a specimen of the definitive certificate or other document of title;
(8)    if requested by the Exchange, a declaration from the security printers responsible for the production of bearer documents of title in accordance with paragraph 24 of Part B of Appendix 2; and
(9)    a declaration substantially in the form set out in Appendix 5E, duly signed by a director or the secretary of the issuer and a director or secretary of the guarantor, in the case of a guaranteed issue, together with any annual listing fee which is payable and which has not previously been paid (see Appendix 9).