The Listing Review Committee shall meet for the despatch of business, adjourn and otherwise regulate its meetings in accordance with the provisions of the rules made by the Board for this purpose, including rules governing members’ conflicts of interest, subject to the provisions of this rule 2A.37L. The quorum necessary for the transaction of any business of the Listing Review Committee shall be five members present in person. All review hearings shall be heard de novo. The Listing Review Committee will rehear the case and decide it afresh, after considering all the relevant evidence and arguments made at the earlier hearings and any additional evidence or information which may be adduced in accordance with the procedures and regulations for review hearings and any directions made by the Listing Review Committee. The Listing Review Committee will consider the decision of the previous decision making body and state the reasons for its own decision. The Listing Review Committee will also address the prior decision (and the basis therefor) in its own decision, whether it is upholding or overturning that prior decision.