The following additions and exceptions to the qualifications for listing apply to issuers of asset-backed securities:

(1) the issuer must normally be a single purpose undertaking. (The requirement to be a single purpose undertaking does not preclude the addition to the pool of further assets during the life of the securities. Furthermore, further classes of debt securities may be issued by the undertaking, backed by separate pools of similar assets);
(2) where an issue of asset-backed securities is backed by equity securities, those securities must be listed on a stock exchange or traded on another regulated and regularly operating open market; the equity securities must represent non-controlling interests in and must not confer legal or management control of the companies issuing the equity securities; where options or conversion rights relating to equity securities are used to back an issue, this paragraph applies in respect of the securities resulting from the exercise of those options or rights; and
(3) there must be a trustee or other appropriate independent party representing the interests of the holders of the asset-backed securities and with the right of access to appropriate information relating to the assets.