Where the Exchange makes enquiries concerning unusual movements in the price or trading volume of an issuer’s listed debt securities, the possible development of a false market in its listed debt securities, or any other matters, the issuer must respond promptly as follows:
(a)    provide to the Exchange and, if requested by the Exchange, announce, any information relevant to the subject matter(s) of the enquiries which is available to it, so as to inform the market or to clarify the situation; or
(b)    if, and only if, the directors of the issuer, having made such enquiry with respect to the issuer as may be reasonable in the circumstances, are not aware of any matter or development that is or may be relevant to the unusual trading movement of its listed debt securities, or information necessary to avoid a false market, or any inside information which needs to be disclosed under the Inside Information Provisions, and if requested by the Exchange, make an announcement containing a statement to that effect.