The SFC (HKEC Listing) Committee shall consist of not less than 10 members, comprising at least five representatives from the Commission (each being an “SFC representative”) and at least five individuals (not being directors or employees of the Commission) with experience of the securities market in Hong Kong appointed by the Commission (each of the latter individuals being a “market representative”). The SFC representatives shall consist of all Executive Directors of the Commission from time to time (except the Chairman of the Commission and the Executive Director in charge of the Corporate Finance Division) and such Senior Directors or Directors of all or any of the divisions of the Commission (except the Chairman’s Office and the Corporate Finance Division) as the Commission shall appoint from time to time. The SFC representatives shall not be subject to any fixed term of appointment. The market representatives shall normally hold office for a one-year term and shall be eligible for re-appointment at the end of a term. The quorum necessary for the transaction of any business of the SFC (HKEC Listing) Committee shall be three individuals including at least one Executive Director of the Commission and one market representative. Not more than five members shall normally attend any meeting of the SFC (HKEC Listing) Committee.