When a Compliance Adviser is consulted by a listed issuer in the circumstances set out in rule 3A.23 above it must discharge the following responsibilities with due care and skill:

(1) ensure the listed issuer is properly guided and advised as to compliance with the Exchange Listing Rules and all other applicable laws, rules, codes and guidelines;
(2) accompany the listed issuer to any meetings with the Exchange, unless otherwise requested by the Exchange;
(3) no less frequently than at the time of reviewing the financial reporting of the listed issuer under rule 3A.23(1) above and upon the listed issuer notifying the Compliance Adviser of a proposed change in the use of proceeds of the initial public offering under rule 3A.23(3) above, discuss with the listed issuer:
(a) the listed issuer's operating performance and financial condition by reference to the listed issuer's business objectives and use of issue proceeds as stated in its listing document;
(b) compliance with the terms and conditions of any waivers granted from the Exchange Listing Rules;
(c) whether any profit forecast or estimate in the listing document will be or has been met by the listed issuer and advise the listed issuer to notify the Exchange and inform the public in a timely and appropriate manner; and
(d) compliance with any undertakings provided by the listed issuer and its directors at the time of listing, and, in the event of non-compliance, discuss the issue with the listed issuer's board of directors and make recommendations to the board regarding appropriate remedial steps;
(4) if required by the Exchange, deal with the Exchange in respect of any or all matters listed in rule 3A.23;
(5) in relation to an application by the listed issuer for a waiver from any of the requirements in Chapter 14A, advise the listed issuer on its obligations and in particular the requirement to appoint an independent financial adviser; and
(6) assess the understanding of all new appointees to the board of the listed issuer regarding the nature of their responsibilities and fiduciary duties as a director of a listed issuer, and, to the extent the Compliance Adviser forms an opinion that the new appointees' understanding is inadequate, discuss the inadequacies with the board and make recommendations to the board regarding appropriate remedial steps such as training.