The information to be disclosed in respect of rules 4.04 to 4.09 must be in accordance with best practice which is at least that required to be disclosed in respect of those specific matters in the accounts of a company under the HKFRS, IFRS or CASBE in the case of a PRC issuer that has adopted CASBE for the preparation of its annual financial statements and, in the case of banking companies, the Guideline on the Application of the Banking (Disclosure) Rules issued by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority ("Guideline").
Note:   If a new applicant is a banking company organised outside Hong Kong and primarily regulated by a regulator which has functions similar to the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and provides adequate supervision to the applicant, the Exchange may consider an application for a waiver from strict compliance with the disclosure requirement in relation to the Guideline. The applicant must provide alternative disclosure in its listing document, including disclosure on capital adequacy, loan quality, loan provisioning, and guarantees, contingencies and other commitments, that is sufficient for potential investors to make a fully informed investment decision.