A listing document, or a circular issued under rules 5.02 and 5.03, must disclose relevant information on material properties (including leased properties).

Notes: Information may include the following:

(1) a general description of where the property is located (rather than only its address) and some market analysis if the property relates to property activities. For example, whether the property is located in the central business district, supply and demand information, occupancy rates, trends in property yield, sales prices, rental rates etc.;
(2) use and approximate area;
(3) any restrictions on its use;
(4) an indication of how the property is held. For example, owned or leased. If leased, the remaining term of the lease;
(5) details of encumbrances, liens, pledges, mortgages against the property;
(6) environmental issues, such as breach of environmental regulations;
(7) details of investigations, notices, pending litigation, breaches of law or title defects;
(8) plans for construction, renovation, improvement or development of the property and estimated associated costs;
(9) plans to dispose of or change the use of the property; and
(10) any other information considered material for investors.