Any request for a trading halt or suspension must be made to the Exchange by the issuer or its authorised representative or financial adviser and must be supported by the specific reasons which the issuer wishes the Exchange to take into account in the Exchange's determination of its request.
Note:    (1)    Recourse to a trading halt or suspension should only be made where necessary in the interests of all parties. In many cases, the issuer publishing an announcement is preferable to the fettering of the proper functioning of the market by an inappropriate or unwarranted trading halt or suspension. Unless the Exchange considers that the reasons given in support of a trading halt or suspension request warrant such action, it will expect a clarifying announcement to be published instead. Failure by an issuer to do so may result in disciplinary proceedings being brought against, amongst others, the issuer and its directors with the Exchange imposing sanctions available under rule 2A.10.
    (2)    See Practice Note 11