In relation to an application for listing by a listed issuer involving the proposed issue of a listing document of the type referred to in rule 6A.36 within the minimum period referred to in rule 6A.19 or any period fixed for the purposes of rule 6A.20, the Compliance Adviser:—

(1) shall be responsible for dealing with the Exchange on all matters raised by the Exchange;
(2) must be closely involved in the preparation of the listing document and must ensure that it has been verified to a standard that enables the Compliance Adviser to submit to the Exchange the declaration referred to in rule 6A.35;
(3) must assist the issuer in preparing and submitting the application form for listing, together with such other completed forms or documents as are required under the GEM Listing Rules to be submitted in connection therewith; and
(4) must ensure that at least one Principal is actively involved in the work undertaken by the Compliance Adviser in connection with the application.